Hiring Seasonal Employees? Keep The Season Joyous with These Tips

Hiring Seasonal Employees? Keep The Season Joyous with These Tips‘Tis the time for hiring seasonal employees!

If your business’s busy time is during the holidays, you’re likely to need an extra set of hands during this time. Perhaps the job postings are already up, and you’re looking for temporary or part-time workers to help with crunch time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the holiday season is steadily approaching and hiring seasonal employees is a must.
If your business needs seasonal workers, you must be able to follow a few simple business laws. Get started on hiring successful staff with these tips:
Assess your needs. Take a look at your previous holidays. Have you needed extra hands in the stock room, in the office, or on the store floor? Once you evaluate your needs, you know which departments need more help.
Avoid the holiday rush. Many companies wait until November to post openings and seek out top talent. You can give yourself a leg up on the competition by starting your search now and reaching more qualified candidates before other companies have touched them.
Check it out. Before letting anyone work for your business, you should run a background check to ensure that he or she doesn’t have a criminal history, especially with theft, fraud, or violence. In addition, you’ll want to check out references of previous employers who can attest to their performance, professionalism, and character.
Get the right laws in place. If you’re employing people for the season, you’ll need to provide unemployment benefits, withhold part of Social Security and Medicare taxes from their wages, and carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. If you’re hiring independent contractors, you won’t need to provide these benefits.
As a busy business, you don’t want to be snowed under with lawsuits or legal issues when the peak season hits. Now is the time to review your business insurance and ensure that your company in Hudson in New York is well wrapped up. Contact the professionals at Lofgren Agency to get started on your tailored coverage.

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