Protect your home and family from these hidden garage dangers.

With so many homeowners investing in garages, and new homes being built with them as standard, it’s easy to forget about the simple hazards. If your garage is more faulty than functional, it’s best to put some time aside to resolve certain issues. To protect your family, home, and garage, check out the common hidden garage dangers.
Unmarked Stairs
Slips and falls are one of the biggest threats that garages present. Once the door is closed, often only one single light shines the way into the home. Stairs are a big culprit in tripping up people. Attach a sturdy handrail, install more (or brighter) lighting, and secure reflective tape on the edges of the stairs.
Garages commonly store pesticides, paint, auto fluids, antifreeze, detergents, and more. More often than not, they’re displayed around the garage. Harsh chemicals can quickly erode improper containers and leak fumes and liquids that are dangerous to adults, children, and pets alike. Our top tips? Ensure that dangerous liquids are always stored in their original containers, and sealed tightly! Keep these in a cabinet, locked up to stop prying hands from getting to them.
CO Fumes
In attached garages, fumes from vehicles exhaust can build up quickly and seek inside your home. Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced through fuel-burning equipment. This means your car and portable generators are potential suspects. As it’s colorless, odorless, and invisible, ensure that you have working CO detectors in and around your garage and home. Even with alarms in place, remember that it’s never safe to leave a vehicle running while parked in a garage, even if the garage door is open.
Once you safeguard your garage, take a look at your homeowners and auto insurance policies. To get started on securing the right coverage to suit your needs, visit Lofgren Agency. Our professional team serves residents in Hudson and surrounding areas in New York!

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