Don’t get waylaid with unhealthy snacks and fizzy drinks. Fuel your team for success by supplying healthy office snacks.

When considering which perks and benefits to offer to your employees, don’t forget to consider providing healthy office snacks for the team. Once their lunchtime food coma wears off mid-afternoon, and there’s still a few hours left in the day, many people turn to unhealthy snacks to give them instant energy to power through. Instead of supplying your employee kitchen with food that will only make your team lethargic, make these simple swaps!
Fruit and Vegetables
It shouldn’t be surprising that fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritionists’ top picks for healthy snacking. Most Americans aren’t getting enough servings of these crucial food groups, so by offering them, you can help your team overcome this deficit. If you’re having trouble keeping fresh produce in stock, consider unsweetened dried fruit. Packed with fiber and nutrients, this is a fantastic long-lasting option.
Help your team fit in their healthy fat and protein by offering mixed nuts. Raw and unsalted nuts will be better for your staff’s health, but offering some roasted or salted options can help mix things up. 
Sandwich or rice cake bar
Looking for something customizable? Consider setting up a whole-wheat sandwich or brown rice cake bar. Your team can then load up their grain of choice with peanut butter, sliced bananas, or their other favorite toppings.
Hear us out on this one. To be prepared for your mid-afternoon slump, prep some cookies for the office – consisting of just mashed banana and oats. It’s easy, healthy, and will hit just the right spot so your employees can power through the afternoon.
Switch out the sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages for bottled water. Even being a little dehydrated can wreck havoc with our concentration and energy, so be sure to sip on water throughout the day.
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