Great Ways To Give Locally

Keep the season of giving going year round with these great ways to give locally!

Giving back isn’t limited to the holiday season. Make a New Year’s resolution to give locally year round! Spread kindness in your community with these great ways to give back!

  1. Offer to help an elderly neighbor with household chores like raking leaves or shoveling snow.
  2. Look through your pantry or stop at the grocery store and donate non-perishable food to a local food bank.
  3. Bake cookies and deliver them around the neighborhood.
  4. Send a letter to military personnel to thank them for their service. Your appreciation goes a long way!
  5. Donate clothes to a local shelter. Forget spring cleaning, and go through your closets in the winter! Due to colder weather, shelters need more coats and blankets to keep everyone warm.
  6. Spread the love. Give a stranger a compliment or even just a simple smile. Your kind actions will brighten someone’s day!
  7. Visit your local fire or police station with baked goods. Let your local emergency response members know they’re valued by the community.
  8. Volunteer to serve meals at a local soup kitchen.
  9. Shop locally. Support your community’s local businesses!
  10. Donate books to your community’s library.
  11. Bring toys to your local children’s hospital.
  12. Offer to babysit a friend or relative’s child so they have a little time to themselves.
  13. Volunteer for a local organization.
  14. Donate pet supplies to a local animal shelter.
  15. Rather than giving someone a gift, consider donating to a charity in their name.
  16. Make care packages for the people at your local homeless shelter.
  17. Pay it forward. Do something nice for a stranger, like offering to pay for someone’s coffee at the local coffee house.

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