Got Your Classic Car in Storage Until Spring? Time for These Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Classic Car Safe Until Spring


The winter has set in and the below-freezing temperatures have us all looking for ways to stay warm. If you’re a classic car owner, you may have already stored your vehicle away until spring. Classic cars require a little extra time and effort no matter what time of year, but when it comes to winter storage, it goes even further. Taking the time to properly store your car so it makes it until spring will save you time and money in the long run. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind over the winter.


Review insurance

You may already have auto insurance for your classic car, but did you know you need adequate insurance even if you have it in storage or don’t take it out much? Making sure that you have the right insurance is important in protecting your vehicle both on and off the roads. Classic car storage insurance is an option that is specifically suited for vintage autos including protection while they are housed for longer periods of time.


Keep it clean

Hopefully you cleaned your vehicle inside and out before storing it away. If you’re moving your car from storage space to storage space or just checking under the tarp, it’s a good idea to give it another washing or wipe down to ensure it is clean and pristine.


Replace the engine oil and check the fuel

If you haven’t done so already, replace the oil so you ensure lasting quality in your engine. Keep in mind that modern oil, such as synthetic, is stable for about a year in an engine. Make sure you add fuel stabilizer and top off the gas tank.


Keep an eye on your classic ride until spring. Preparing your car for the cooler weather ahead can help you save on vehicle maintenance costs in the long run. Review your car insurance to ensure you have optimum coverage should the worst happen. Visit Kneller Agency to get started on your quality policy today.

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