Consider Giving More Than Just a Present This Year 

For many of us, our loved ones already have enough sweaters, candles, and electronics to keep them satisfied for years to come. Finding a unique gift can be a tough challenge, especially when everyone already has so much. However, giving the gift of life insurance means that you can skip those long checkout lines and shopping mall traffic. You can give a truly unique gift of life insurance in Valatie, NY to your loved one this holiday season.

Who can I gift life insurance?

  • Your spouse
    Your non-working spouse may top the list. Many families only choose to insure the breadwinner, overlooking the importance of the stay-at-home partner. The parent who stays at home may also be the cook, cleaner, driver, and child carer – all of which would be expensive to replace if something happened to them. This year, make sure your family is thoroughly protected by ensuring both spouses are covered with life insurance.
  • Kids or grandkids
    It’s never too late to start a life insurance policy. A juvenile life insurance policy can be purchased by a parent or grandparent on behalf of a minor. This whole life insurance policy will accrue cash value over the policy’s lifetime, which will create a nest egg for the child down the line. This type of policy can make a great gift because of its future potential.
  • Yourself
    It may feel a bit odd to buy something for yourself this holiday, but making sure you have the right life insurance coverage will benefit your family and loved ones down the line. If you have a policy already, take the time to review it and update it as necessary.

Need help selecting the right life insurance? We can help. The team at Kneller Agency is here to help with all of your life insurance needs. Visit us today in New York to get started.

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