screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-12-29-57-pmLend a helping hand and give thanks to your local community this season.

Now that Thanksgiving is this week, you may be all ready for the festivities: the vegetables are in the fridge, and the table is set. While you sit down with your family to enjoy a feast and festivities, take a moment to think about those without. Many in your local community need a helping hand, especially during the winter months. In the spirit of the season, check out these ways to give thanks to your local community!
Spend some time at a senior home.
The elderly get lonely during the festive season. With no family to visit them, seniors find the holidays hard. Head to your local senior center and volunteer to be a companion for people in need of support, good conversation, and kindness. Not only will you change someone’s holidays, but you’ll learn a lot, too!
Volunteer at an animal shelter
It’s important that we don’t forget our four-legged friends this time of year! You can help by donating dog or cat food, adopting a pet for life, or volunteering at a shelter in your free time. Pets are often forgotten about during the holidays, so the time to act is now.
Support a non-profit organization in your community
Find a charity or non-profit organization whose mission and message resonate with you. Whether you lend financial assistance or choose to volunteer, charity organizations are successful because of the generosity of people like yourself.
Stock your local food pantry
Helping is as simple as picking up a few extra items next time you’re grocery shopping. Local food pantries are always looking for non-perishable items like coffee, tea, condiments, and toiletries.
The professionals at Lofgren Agency hope that you take the time to give thanks by giving back to your local community! For all of your insurance needs to see you through the winter and beyond, contact our team in Hudson, New York today.

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