How to Get More Reviews for Your Small and Upcoming Business

No matter what you think of them, online reviews are incredibly important for businesses. Even more so for small and upcoming businesses that rely on a good reputation and a solid client base to promote their good product or service. Now, more than ever, people are looking online for their purchases. Ensure your company doesn’t get overlooked by having too few or too many negative reviews. Here’s how to acquire more reviews for upcoming business owners.


Get More Reviews for Your Small Business


1) Be proactive

People – generally – are not going to give your business a review unless you specifically ask for one. Some reviews that you don’t ask for will be negative, which your business will have to respond to and address. Ask happy clients and satisfied customers to leave your business a review on Facebook and Google to help increase your business’s reputation.


2) Make it easy

When you ask for reviews, ensure that your clients can leave a review easily. Give them a link that they can click on and be taken to your business’s profile right away to leave a review. If it’s too complicated for them, many will give up – so make it easy and accessible.


3) Be thorough

Being thorough simply means following through on your plans to get more reviews. Keep a log of who you’ve asked, when you’ve asked, and the follow-ups and results which occurred. This prevents you from soliciting customers more than once, and possibly annoying them.


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