Tips to Help You Throw a Festive Holiday Party

Find out how to host a festive holiday party without the seasonal stress.

Today marks the first day of December, and we all know what that means: the holidays truly start. From now until the end of the year, it becomes socially acceptable to hang branches of holly in your home, play holiday music 24/7, and attend party after party every weekend. If you’re planning on hosting a festive holiday party this year, you may need to implement these tips to make it your best one yet.
Make a List, Check It Twice
Compile a list of who you want to invite, the possible dates and timings for the party, as well as what you intend to serve for food and drink. If you need to hire help, now is the time to do so! Having a visual list of people to invite and jobs to get done enables you to stay on track of prepping for your party!
Set the Scene
Even though you may have your tree up, holiday lights on, and cards strung up already, you’ll want to add a few more festive touches to your home. After all, it’s a holiday party! Add gold or red candles and natural twigs and branches to tables to add December warmth into the home. If you’re impartial to candles and natural foliage, jazz up your space with poinsettias.
Remember Tradition
You’re unlikely to serve Asian food at a holiday party – so remember to bake, cook, or buy the favorite holiday treats of the season.
Stock up Supplies
Not everyone will remember what you served, but they will remember if you run out of food. Be sure to stock up on alcohol and food for the night, so that you can keep your guests happy and sipping! Always purchase soda and non-alcoholic beverages for the designated drivers.
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