Farm Insurance in Hudson NYFarm insurance is there to protect your crop, livestock, and ranch.

Like any another business, a farm is subject to all manner of both expected and unanticipated risks. Rather than draining your savings paying for an unforeseen event, having farm insurance ensures that you can stay in operation, whatever may occur!
Farm insurance can cover all sorts of circumstances that would likely drain your farm from financial stability, including, tornados, injuries on the job, and natural disasters. When it comes to a homestead, farm, or ranch, a person will want to be covered – and covered well!
Are you on the fence about getting farm insurance? There are three main reasons why a person will need to get this type of coverage:

  1. Combining with home insurance. If a person is a farm or ranch owner, you can get a policy that will cover the home on the farm. The house and contents can be covered on a policy that protects farmland, equipment, livestock, and more. The ease of having it all in one policy allows you to spend less time worrying about your land and more time focusing on your farm!
  2. Liability coverage. In the course of running a farm, a number of legal liabilities can arise. Farm insurance not only covers the basics, but also workers’ compensation and general property insurance. Should storms hit or droughts occur, insurance can provide the financial assistance necessary for repairs and sustaining agriculture.
  3. Rental property agreements. If you’re a farmer that rents land for more grazing areas for livestock or more fields for crop, it’s smart to get it insured. If there is a drought and they lose their crops on that rental property, the policy should cover those losses.

If a person owns or rents a ranch or farm in any capacity, farm insurance is a reliable safety net. Living of the land is all well and good until it suffers a natural disaster and you’re left wondering how to recoup the loss from the destroyed crops or livestock. With insurance, you’ll be able to see these circumstances through, without suffering financial strain.
To get started on your farm insurance policy, contact Lofgren Agency directly! We supply farms with reliable and all-encompassing protection in the Hudson, New York areas.

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