6 Fall Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter in New York

With harsh New York winters on the way, we must properly prepare our homes. When it comes to winterizing your home, you must conduct the necessary fall home maintenance duties. Gathered are 6 helpful fall home maintenance tips to prepare for winter in New York:

  1. When it comes to preparing for winter, you must clean your downspouts and gutters. These places often fill up with dirt, leaves, pine needles, grime, and debris, making it impossible for water to pass through. This is especially important if you have not safeguarded your home to the fullest with a flood insurance policy.
  2. If this winter is anything like last year’s, you will be depending on your heating system to keep you warm. Hiring a professional HVAC specialist will ensure that everything is running smoothly in your heating system.
  3. Likewise, New York homeowners who will be using their fireplace to keep them warm must have the chimney and fireplace cleaned thoroughly by a professional.
  4. Before winter arrives, you will want to winterize your outside faucets to avoid frozen or burst pipes. Start by shutting all values and then open the faucet to drain.
  5. In order for your heating system to efficiently heat your entire home, you must have no cracks or gaps in the caulking and weather stripping of your doors and windows. Go around and seal up any exposed areas.
  6. Unfortunately, it is time to put away the summer toys and prepare for winter. If you will be covering your pool for the chilly season, now is the perfect time to do so. Stow away all pool equipment and pool toys.

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