Consider These Hidden Costs When Buying a New Car

Are you in the market for a new car? If so, you may be enjoying the process of test driving new vehicles, inspecting the latest specs, and getting excited about having a reliable means of transportation. Although the process can be fun, the actual purchasing of a vehicle can come with numerous costs. Some of which you may not even know about. From auto insurance in Red Hook, NY to filing fees, don’t forget about these hidden costs of buying a new car.

State and local taxes

When buying a vehicle, you will be negotiating a price. Depending on the city and state rules, you will have to pay additional amounts on the final price to cover things like sales tax or personal property tax.

Filing fees

When you’re buying a new or used car, there are a number of fees you may have to pay. Some of these fees can include:

  • Vehicle registration fees
  • Title fees
  • Documental fee
  • Emissions testing and compliance fee
  • Advertising fee
  • Dealer preparation fee

These fees will often be line items on the final paperwork that you will sign when closing the deal.


Add-ons will normally come into play at the finance managers office. Add-ons are a way for dealerships to upsell customers on items such as warranties, additional insurance, oil range, and tire rotation bundles. It’s important to listen carefully to the add-on options and understand whether or not you could benefit from coverage. Although some of them may sound like a good value, depending on your situation, they may not be worth the cost.


Before you hop in your new vehicle and drive it off the lot, you need to be adequately insured. Call your insurer to obtain a quote when you found a potential purchase and be sure to secure coverage from the day that you drive the vehicle.

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