Employee Communication

Effective employee communication can help your business through a peril.

When disaster strikes, establishing communications and working to ensure the well-being of employees, customers, and emergency responders are the top priorities. Many businesses will know that employee communication and safety go hand in hand, and have yet to be properly prepared for effective communication in the event of a disaster.

To construct a detailed communications plan, read on:

Communication is important, regardless of the phase of the event. Plan in advance how your company will notify employees, customers, and vendors of an accident, and how to keep them informed throughout the recovery process.

  • Establish a notification plan for employees, critical vendors, priority customers and other important stakeholders. These should be the people that you notify immediately.
  • Send out notifications via email, text messages, and through the website and social media posts to ensure that the information is received.
  • Designate an individual and central point of contact for communication with the media and other stakeholders.
  • Have a plan for ongoing communications until things are back to business as usual.

Extend a helping hand to the employees:

How well a company addresses employee needs after an event can directly impact business. Employees need the proper support, long-term and short-term.

  • Train employees to recognize the warning signs of distress, how and when to report issues, and listen to other co-workers.
  • Offer optional group sessions to share reactions and experiences.
  • Provide professional counseling services on site.
  • Respect the privacy of individuals who are dealing with work-related or personal losses.

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