Easter Brunch Recipes: Asparagus and Jack Cheese Frittata

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Will you be having family over for Easter morning? While waking up on Easter can be just as exciting as celebrating a birthday, it is important that you have delicious Easter brunch recipes to continue the excitement! We highly recommend that you try this delicious Easter brunch recipe and enjoy it all spring long!
Asparagus and Jack Cheese Frittata
What you will need:

  • 8 Large Eggs
  • ½ Cup of Shredded Jack Cheese
  • 1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of Butter
  • 1 Pound of Asparagus (Trimmed, Cut Diagonally)
  • 3 Tablespoons of Freshly Chopped Cilantro Leaves
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste

How to prepare:

  • Start by heating your broiler on high. In a bowl, whisk the eggs, cheese, salt, and pepper until well combined.
  • In an ovenproof frying pan, heat the vegetable oil and the butter together over medium heat. Once the mixture begins to foam, add the asparagus and season well, cooking for about five minutes. Add the cilantro and reduce the heat to low while pouring in the egg mixture.
  • Cook the concoction for about three more minutes, or until you see an inch border of firm egg mixture. Next, place the pan in your oven and broil until the eggs have set and the frittata has browned. This should take about two minutes.
  • Once it has cooled, cut the frittata into wedges and serve! This is also a great meal preparation breakfast as you can prepare it on Monday morning and enjoy it all week long! The frittata is best served with a side salad or your favorite salsa.

We hope you enjoy this delicious Easter brunch recipe! Serving Hudson, Chatham, and all of New York, contact Lofgren Agency for all of your insurance needs.

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