Avoid Winter Road Troubles With Driving Safety Tips & Auto Insurance

Driving Safety & Auto Insurance Hudson NY

These driving safety suggestions and your Hudson, NY auto insurance can protect you on the road.

The seasons are changing, bringing crisper temperatures and shorter daylight hours to New York. This, in turn, creates more dangerous road conditions. In the fall, that means driving in rain, but it won’t be long before that turns to driving in snow. To help you safely navigate the changing road conditions, use these driving safety tips and carry Hudson, NY auto insurance.

  • Slow It Down. The rain and snow create a slicker surface on the road. Give your tires precious extra moments to grip the road by going slower. In the snow, this means reducing your speed by at least 10 mph, and in the rain slowing down by 5 mph at minimum.
  • Be A Good Neighbor. Driving in the rain and snow is already stressful; don’t make it worse by following too closely. Leaving extra following room will buy you seconds to safely respond to a hazard in front of you, too.
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled. Black ice blends in with the road, making it tricky to spot. Be especially wary of this slick surface on bridges, in the shadows of large buildings, and at intersections. Everywhere on the road, be aware that this hazard could be beneath you and adjust your driving accordingly.
  • Know Thy Brakes. Properly braking can help you keep your car under control. In snowy conditions, avoid braking during a turn, instead slowing down before, since braking through a turn can cause you to lose traction. In rain, feather your brakes after driving through a puddle to create heat and friction to dry them.

These safe driving tips will help you avoid issues out on the road, but if you do face an accident your Hudson, NY auto insurance can come to the rescue – provided you have it! To learn more about the coverage you need to be safeguarded on the road in Chatham, Hudson, and the rest of New York this winter, contact Lofgren Agency today.

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