Protecting Your Home From Internal Damage


When homeowners think of damage to their property, they’ll likely think of fire, storms, and natural disasters. But what about internal damage, such as water leaks and mold? These instances can be just as damaging, if not more so, than other threats. If you’re unsure if your homeowners insurance in Red Hook, NY covers internal damage, here’s what you should know.


Water Damage

Generally, whether or not a standard homeowners insurance policy will cover internal water damage will depend on how the damage occurred. If it is sudden water damage from a burst pipe or wind-driven rain, it is likely that your policy will help you to pick up the pieces. It may even help you if there is water damage from your dishwasher or washing machine, although the appliance itself may not have protection. However, most policies do not provide protection if the damage is caused by gradual leaks, sewage backup, or flooding.



Unfortunately, there’s no single answer for this – your policy may or may not cover mold damage. Removal of mold from your property is not covered if the mold resulted from flooding, ground seepage, or pipes that were poorly maintained and that leaked. If your property has mold because of lack of maintenance or neglect, don’t expect y our policy to help. However, if there is a fire in your home and the sprinklers are activated or firefighters use water to extinguish the flames, any resulting water damage or mold should be covered.


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