Auto Insurance and Turning 21 

If you’ve recently turned or are about to turn 21, congratulations at being legally able to drink! Aside from being able to order yourself a cool cocktail, you may be wondering if your auto insurance rates will go down now that you’re older and more responsible. Generally, your premiums for auto insurance in Red Hook, NY will decrease with age. But since age isn’t the only factor that goes into car insurance rates, this isn’t a hard rule.

The reality is that insurance companies based their premiums on hundreds of different combinations of characteristics of drivers and their vehicles. Age, driving record, insurance score, location, annual mileage, vehicle model, type of coverage selected, and more come into play. Some carriers offer a premium discount at age 25. However, other carriers may have started offering a premium discount at age 21 as well. You may get another minor discount at 30, 35, 40 or 45. But once you get older and into senior years, you can expect higher rates as insurer data expects more accidents and subsequent insurance claims.

If you haven’t received a discount, understand that it could be because you have a history of claims, a poor credit score, live in an area of high crime rates or otherwise. Talk to your insurer about other ways to save on insurance, such as bundling coverages and increasing the deductible.

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