Credit Score & Homeowners Insurance: How They're Related

Credit Score & Homeowners Insurance Hudson NY

Did you know your credit score and your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY are related?

You know that your credit score played a big role in the process of buying your home. Did you know it matters when you insure it, too? You might be surprised to learn that your credit score impacts how much you’ll pay for your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY!
When an insurer decides to take on the risk that is your house and your family, they want to know that you’re responsible. Specifically, they want to know that you can handle your finances well. That gives them peace of mind about things like paying your insurance premiums on time and keeping the house they’re insuring in decent shape.
It’s not shocking to learn that your insurance provider cares about your credit, but you may be surprised just how much that score impacts your premiums. If you have fair credit, you’ll pay nearly a third as much for your coverage as someone with excellent credit. If your credit score is poor, you’ll pay double!
Don’t be dismayed! Even if your credit isn’t quite where you’d like it to be today, you can take steps to gain yourself an excellent score in the future. Minimize the amount of new credit cards you open, be aggressive about paying off your debt, and make sure you pay your bills on time. Also, refrain from filing an insurance claim unless you absolutely need to do so.
To learn more about how your credit score might be affecting your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY, contact Lofgren Agency. We’re committed to helping homeowners in Chatham, Hudson, and the surrounding New York cities not only get the coverage they need but also understand it. To get the most competitively priced coverage paired with comprehension, call us today!

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