Friend Wrecked Your Car? How Your Auto Insurance Coverage Will Kick In

Small black car with damaged headlamp after collision

Your Hudson, NY Auto Insurance Can Protect You From Your Friend’s Mistake

You are a good friend. Consequently, when one of your friends needs a favor, you are inclined to lend a hand. Sometimes, that might mean you lend your car keys rather than your hand. No big deal, right? That is, until your friend gets into an accident in the driver’s seat of your car. In this situation, who pays for the damages?

Wondering how your Hudson, NY auto insurance coverage will protect you? Here are some answers.

Generally, even if your friend was the one driving, your car’s auto insurance policy will still be the one to immediately kick in. That is because in most states, the auto insurance coverage travels with the vehicle, not the driver. Since your policy will act as the primary for the damages and injuries your friend causes, you can expect to have to both file a claim and pay your deductible.
That is, if your insurance will cover this accident. Before you hand out your keys, give your insurance agent a call. He or she will be able to advise you on where your coverage ends. In some cases, there may be exceptions for relatives living in your household. Be advised of your insurer’s policy about coverage for drivers not listed on your policy before you lend out your car so that you will never find yourself denied coverage after a friend’s mistake.
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