Home Appliances That Have a Fire Risk

There’s no doubt about it, appliances ha e transformed the modern day homeowners life for the better. Kitchen and cleaning appliances mean that we get chores done quicker than ever now. However, homeowners should be aware that many appliances can cause fires. Causing mass destruction, it’s wise to prevent home fires, including keeping these appliances in good condition. While you’re at it, ensure you have quality fire protection in your homeowners insurance in Red Hook, NY 


The hot and dry nature of a dryer means that fires are not only possible, but they are also likely. More often than not, this occurs when lint gets through the trap and starts to build up in the exhaust hose. This lint is dry and all it takes is one hot spark in the dryer to ignite a fire. Be sure to clean out the lint trap after every cycle and to regularly remove the exhaust hose to remove the lint.


Microwaves have made life a lot easier for students and homeowners alike. However, they require extra caution. We need to be careful what we put in them (e.g. no metal) and what we put near them (because they emit heat). Experts say that you should replace your microwave every five years, and sooner if it turns on and off by itself.


Many people don’t think of fridges being a fire risk because of their role in keeping things cool. However, all it takes is one overheated compressor to spark a fire. A fridge light that constantly stays on, too, could be an issue.

Keep these appliances in good condition to prevent them from being a fire risk. To have the protection your home needs, contact Kneller Agency today.

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