Does Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY Cover Car Modifications?

Does Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY Cover Car Modifications?Check out how auto insurance in Hudson, NY can cover modifications. 

For some car owners, bling is what makes their car their own. Showing off personality comes naturally to motorists who love tricked-out and souped-up vehicles. Even though you love your decked-out car, you may end up paying more for auto insurance in Hudson, NY. It’s not that you can’t buy car coverage, but there may be certain restrictions.
Auto insurance is based on risk, and car modifications increase risks:

  • Accidents may increase. Those with a modified car can be considered riskier to insure as they have a reputation for driving on the wild side.
  • Your car will be more desirable. Therefore, the likelihood of theft may increase.

Now that your risk has increased, the insurer will likely raise your premium to cover any chance of thefts and accidents occurring.
A standard policy may not cover your new vehicle in its entirety. Vehicle modifications or customizations that are not made at the factory, as well as aftermarket parts, are typically excluded from standard policies. Always talk to your auto insurer before altering your car. If you were to make modifications to your vehicle, you would want to inform your insurance company if you want them adequately protected.
If a standard policy doesn’t cover your car, there are a couple of options to gain coverage!

  • Supplement coverage – Many insurers offer endorsements that provide supplement coverage for modifications and aftermarket components.
  • Classic car insurance – Your car is a prized possession. Work with an insurance agent that appreciates your personalized vehicle.

If you’re thinking of adding a few nifty updates to your car, call your insurer for specialty auto insurance in Hudson, NY. Visit the professionals at Lofgren Agency to secure the right protection in New York for your vehicle today!

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