Burglary Prevention Tips for the Holidays

Burglary Prevention Tips for the Holidays

Stay safe this holiday season with these burglary prevention tips. 

The holiday season is an exciting time of year! There are travel plans to be made, shopping and cooking tasks to be done, and memories to be captured.
The holiday season is also a risky time of year. Thieves love the hectic season paired with the high volume of gifts—prepackaged for their convenience—ready to be looted from your home. To make sure you don’t fall victim to a scheming thief, use these burglary prevention tips for the holidays.

  • Light it up. Thieves love shadows. When they can lurk in dark areas, they can check out your house, its contents, and their possible points of entry. Light isn’t just a great way to beautify this holiday season, it’s also important for safety. Don’t be afraid to string up a lot of holiday lights!
  • Lock it down. You need to be using all of your home’s locks. Yes, even the ones on the tiny second story windows. When you leave any openings for a burglar, you’re leaving your family exposed. Also, make sure you lock the door from your garage to your home and bolster sliding door safety with a piece of plywood across the track.
  • Spread it around. Heading out of town for the holidays? Ask several friends and family members to each take a day to drive by your house and check things out. Also, stop your mail and paper services before you go so accumulating mail doesn’t tip off a thief.

The good news is that if you do fall victim to a thief, your New York homeowners insurance can help you replace the stolen property. To learn more about how your policy can protect your family in Chatham, Hudson, and beyond this holiday season,  contact Lofgren Agency today!

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