Boost Your Child’s Confidence Without Stroking The Ego

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Use These Tips To Boost Your Child’s Confidence
As a parent, one of your biggest concerns is the happiness of your children. You know that their confidence will play a huge role in enabling them to function in different social scenarios, and know that low self-esteem could be very detrimental for your sons or daughters’ happiness. Consequently, you are probably looking for ways to instill some extra self-assurance in your child.
Here are a few ways you can boost your child’s confidence without overinflating his or her self-image.

  • Fall Recovery: As a parent, your immediate instinct after your child fails is likely to do everything you can to put a smile back on his or her face. Remember, though, that you will not be there forever. Instead of offering an immediate Band-Aid, discuss the circumstance with your son or daughter. Help him or her to realize that a lot can be learned from the experience, and that he or she is not defined by the failure.
  • Accountability: By teaching your children about the consequences of their actions, you not only instill them with greater sensitivity about the weight of what they do, but you also teach them that they are powerful. Learning accountability lets them learn how much they can impact their world.
  • Competence: So your son or daughter can have confidence that is based on actual worth, encourage skill building. This can be done by helping around the house, learning a new talent, reading out loud, etc.

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