Auto Insurance Myths Debunked

When we’re in the market for car insurance, it’s likely that we’ve just purchased a new vehicle or are looking to move to a different policy. Although no one enjoys navigating the quest for reliable car insurance, it is necessary in order to be legal on the roads. When we look for car insurance, there are often a number of common misconceptions about how car insurance works, ranging from what it covers to how they determine rates. As a responsible car owner, familiarize yourself with these myths and learn the truth behind them. This can help you to secure and understand your policy better!

Myth 1: Red cars are expensive to insure.

This is a very prominent myth that red cars are more expensive to insure. This has come about because red cars typically stand out and are more attractive and, therefore, more prone to theft. But of all of the factors that go into determining what you will pay for insurance, the color of your vehicle is not one of them. Insurers will look into your vehicle when determining a rate, such as the make, model, engine, body type, and age of the vehicle. However, they will not consider the color to be an influencing factor when determining the premium.

Myth 2: Car insurance only covers accidents.

Apart from accidents, car insurance can also protect your vehicle if it is damaged by events out of your control. This includes natural calamities like lightning, fire, burglary, theft, riots, and more!

Myth 3: Insurance applies to regular repairs.

Although car insurance does cover a lot, every policy has its limits. One thing your insurance will not cover any repairs for wear-and-tear and normal breakdown that happens from the depreciation of your vehicle. You are responsible for maintaining your vehicle.

Understanding the common myths about car insurance can help you to avoid securing the wrong policy. Are you looking for quality car coverage? For the auto insurance you need, talk to the team at Kneller Agency. Serving Hudson, Valatie, Millerton, Red Hook, Millbrook, and neighboring cities, we can help you find reliable car coverage.

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