What to Do If You’re Denied Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY!

Auto Insurance in Hudson, NYFind out your next steps when you’re denied auto insurance in Hudson or a neighboring New York city.

Having your application for auto insurance in Hudson, NY denied can be quiet frustrating, especially if you need your car on a daily basis. Driving without insurance is a criminal offense in New York, so hopping in your car without coverage is out of the question. Don’t lose hope yet! Here are your next steps after denial.
Determine and evaluate why it was denied.
Car insurance companies have the right to deny auto insurance coverage to people if they are considered high-risk drivers. You could be considered high-risk because of:

  • A DUI/DWI conviction or other serious traffic violations
  • Having a serious and/or injury-causing accident
  • Having several traffic violations on your driving record
  • Having poor credit
  • Possessing a history of insurance violations, including lapses in car insurance coverage
  • Owning a high-performance car

Appeal the denial.
You’re entitled to appeal the insurance companies’ denial – if you believe that you have a case and they misevaluated your application!
Try another insurance carrier.
There are many popular insurance companies on today’s market, so if one of them doesn’t want to cover you then it shouldn’t be the end of the world. You should be prepared to address the reasons why you were denied in the first place. Talk to a representative about your situation before they start to ask you questions.
Reduce your risk.
The best way to avoid being denied car insurance is by reducing the risk you present to a car insurance company! You can do this by:

  • Taking a defensive driving course
  • Avoiding traffic violations and accidents
  • Repairing your credit
  • Buying a safe and moderately priced car

Talk to one of the dedicated insurance agents at Lofgren Agency if you need auto insurance in Hudson, NY or one of the surrounding cities!

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