Will Your Renters Insurance Cover Bad Decisions?

Accidents can happen at any time. That’s why it is important to have liability coverage in your renters insurance policy. However, what happens when you make a poor decision? Here is an overview of how to handle the issue of negligence regarding renters insurance in Columbia County NY.

When looking at the issue of negligence in regards to insurance for renters, you have to consider multiple factors. Negligence can be defined as failing to use reasonable care and causing loss or damage to another party.

Not Using Reasonable Care

Your renters insurance policy covers liability for any bodily injuries and property damage that arise through your negligence. You are liable for the damages if they happen because you were using reasonable care. Even if you didn’t act out of malice and spite, you can still be held negligent. If you aren’t paying attention and bump into someone, you are negligent. If you forget to dry off a wet spot in your kitchen and someone slips, you are negligent. If an accidental fire starts and damages to your and your neighbor’s property, you are negligent. If your child or pet causes property damage, you are negligent. If your rental property has a plumbing issue and the problem spreads to your neighbor’s unit, you will be held responsible.

Your Failure Causes Loss Or Damage

If you accidentally hit someone, but you apologize and they say everything is fine, then you are not liable for any bodily injury or property damage. No harm was done, so there’s nothing to be concerned about. If the person is not injured, then a loss or damage did not occur.

Keep in mind that health insurance companies will look to collect the cost of the medical care because of your negligence. Medical costs for extensive injuries are high whether someone has insurance or not. If you cause property damage, you also have to think about the different property insurance companies that cover all of the other residents. Each company will likely seek reimbursement from you based on the cost of loss that they paid out, including alternative lodging expenses. The cost of a loss can easily grow to the point where you are held liable for thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. One minor mistake can cost you everything.

Protecting Yourself

It’s hard to prevent negligence in a practical way. Accidents can happen at any time. Even when you are focused, you may still have a mental lapse in judgement. You may even be sued for something that you didn’t do. Even if you are innocent, you have to defend yourself against the allegations. Going through the litigation process is potentially very expensive. While personal injury lawyers wait to receive payment from the settlement, your defense attorney will likely seek payment upfront. Your renters insurance policy will help defend you.

There are various scenarios when a small mistake can lead to bigger problems. If you are held liable for negligence, do not panic. Take some time and read over your renters insurance in Columbia County NY policy and speak with legal counsel. If you have any questions, the professionals here at Kneller Insurance Agency will assist you.

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