Will Car Alarm Lower Your Car Insurance Rates?

The cost of an auto insurance policy varies from provider to provider. Some insurance companies offer some discounts to keep their car insurance rates more competitive than others. While a good driving record, taking a defensive driving course, and paying higher deductibles can get you some discounts, a car alarm can help you save money on your auto insurance. Do you know how? Read more to find out.

How Much Does a Car Alarm Help You Save on Your Insurance Annually?

On average, you can save up to 2-10% from your premiums (10-15 dollars a year) for having a car alarm. However, the discount percentage varies between insurers, with some providers offering steep discounts and others providing no discounts.

You will only qualify for a discount if you have comprehensive coverage in your auto insurance policy because it protects your vehicle from theft and vandalism. Therefore, having a car alarm will reduce the probability of vehicle theft and break-ins, helping you qualify for discounts.

How Does a Car Alarm Work?

While most car alarms use a similar system, they work differently (depending on the sensors used) to deter theft. A car alarm consists of multiple sensors, a computer, a loudspeaker, and a receiver. The alarm turns on when your car is locked and will ring when a sensor receives a specific response. Most car alarms use door sensors, which will be activated when an intruder opens your vehicle’s door, preventing them from stealing your vehicle.

Some car alarms have impact or shock sensors, which will ring when someone breaks your windshield to steal your stuff. You can also find some other advanced sensors in the latest cars, such as a proximity sensor (activated when someone is coming near your vehicle), a microphone sensor (detects break-ins or loud noise around your vehicle), and a tilt sensor (rings if anyone tries to tow your car).

Types of Car Alarms

  • Passive Car Alarms – These are always on and quietly prevent someone from stealing your vehicle.
  • Silent Car Alarms – These are activated after a break-in and will notify the incident of the owner without alerting the thief.
  • Active Car Alarms – These need to be turned on manually and will ring if an intruder enters your car.
  • Advanced Car Alarms – These can detect a break-in and remotely shut down the car in such situations to prevent stealing things inside the car.

What Are the Types of Anti-Theft Discounts You May Qualify for?

Discount Types When Will You Qualify
Passive alarm discount if your car has a passive alarm
Remote shutdown or engine disabling system discount Francisco Chang
Sound-Only discount if your car alarm uses sound to deter thieves
Tracking or recovery system discount if your car has remote tracking features

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