Which Medical Issues Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

Certain Conditions Can Impact Your Life Insurance Rates


When you’re shopping for life insurance in Valatie, NY, you’ll be asked a series of different questions about your health and your family’s health history. This is because life insurance underwriters determine your monthly premiums based on your health and genetic tendencies. Not all medical conditions will raise your life insurance rate in the same way. There are some that will impact your life insurance more than others.


Heart Disease

Heart health is one of the most important medical issues that life insurance underwriters consider. Most people develop heart disease as they get older, which makes it even wiser to purchase life insurance when you’re healthier and younger to lock in low rates.



Unfortunately, those with diabetes can often have a hard time getting life insurance. However, if you can prove that your diabetes is under control, your chances of getting approved are better. In most cases, those with diabetes who do manage to get a life insurance policy will ultimately pay higher premiums than those without.



Your weight will be one of the first questions you’ll be asked about on your life insurance application. If your BMI is too high, you may automatically be disqualified for certain plans. Since obesity is one of the leading causes of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health complications, life insurers take weight very seriously.


When it comes to getting life insurance, make sure to tell the whole truth about your health. If the worst happens and you die, life insurance companies can refuse to pay the death benefit if they find out you lied. Do you have questions about finding the right, affordable life insurance policy? Talk to the team at Kneller Agency today to get started!

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