When To Involve Your Insurance Agency In An Accident

auto insurance hudson nyA Few Cases When Your Insurance Could Serve You
In a very minor fender bender, it might seem easier to settle the situation without involving the extra paperwork and hours that looping your insurance into the situation will require. There are a few instances, however, when settling a claim with your insurance agency will be both wiser and easier than not involving them. Here are a few cases when it is worth utilizing your auto insurance:

  • If you get into a car accident and it results in a minor scrape in your paint, no big deal. If, however, the damage is more extensive you should definitely call your agent. External damage that is visible to the eye could be a sign of serious internal damage, so it is in your best interest to ensure everything is handled above board to get the repairs your car will require.
  • If the at-fault driver offers you cash up front, it can feel like an easy fix to grab it and go. Refrain, however, as you could later discern that the cost of repairing your car is more than you were offered.
  • If anyone was injured in the accident, do not wait to get your insurance agency involved. Because medical records are safeguarded, you could end up paying for fake injuries if you are the at-fault party. If the other person was at-fault, you could end up being shortchanged for reimbursements if you do not have your insurance agency on your side to defend you.

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