What Should I Do With My Pets in an Emergency Evacuation Situation?

Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet 

Storm season is upon us, which means people all over New York are preparing their homes for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and more. Many people already have their own emergency bags packed and ready to go. If you have a furry friend at home, have you remembered to include them in your plans? Evacuating with pets is a little more complicated than just being responsible for your own safety. Check out what pet owners need to know in case of a disaster.

Before a disaster:

  • ID your pet. Your pet should always have a collar on with their name and your contact details just in case you get separated from them.
  • Take a current picture. We’re sure you already have a lot of photos of your pet stored in your phone, but make sure you have a good full-body image that others can refer to if you lose each other.
  • Identify shelters. Before you need to evacuate, you should know which shelters are open to taking pets. Be aware that some shelters will not allow certain breeds of dogs to stay on their property. Plan accordingly so that you know where you can go with your furry friend.
  • Prepare an emergency kit. Pack your pet’s own bag, complete with their food, bowls, medication, blankets, clean up items, and their favorite toy.
  • Plan to leave early. Evacuating with animals can take longer than just getting yourself ready, especially if you have multiple animals. Stay aware of weather conditions and emergency warnings so that you can be ready to leave ASAP.
  • Never ever leave your animals behind.

Remember, your animals depend on you. Plan for all the human and non-human animals in your household, and stay safe! For all of your insurance needs, contact the team at Kneller Agency. We serve Chatham, Copake, Valatie, Tilden Place, and neighboring cities of New York. 

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