When fall hits, it’s time to update your auto insurance in Hudson, New York.

Because fall brings its own set of hazards for car owners, it’s a great time to review and update your auto insurance in Hudson, New York.  But what dangers does your car face this season?  From wet weather to Halloween mischief, here are some of the dangers you should be covered for this autumn.
Wet Weather
During fall, most places experience an increase in rainfall.  Wet conditions can make streets slippery and can increase your chances of getting into a collision.  To make matters worse, if you live in an area that has a history of flooding, then steady rainfall could increase your car’s chances of sustaining flood damage.  Practice defensive driving this fall and make sure you have updated collision and flood coverage in your auto policy.
Cold Temperatures
If you live in colder climates, then your chances of an accident increase as temperatures drop.  Freezing temperatures can cause ice to form on roadways.  These sheets of ice are incredibly slippery and they can be difficult to see while you’re driving.  If you’re not careful, your car could easily skid and cause an accident.  Additionally, freezing temperatures can cause your windshield to frost over, obscuring your visibility.  This is especially bad in the early mornings after your car has been sitting outside all night.  Reduced visibility can increase your chances of an accident during your morning commute.  To protect your car, speak to your insurance agent this month to discuss your risk.
Halloween Vandalism
You should also have coverage for the increased rates of vehicle vandalism that happen leading up to and on Halloween night.  Unfortunately, more car claims are filed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.  Common claims include slashed tires, broken windows, graffiti, and vehicle theft.  Do your best to keep your car inside the garage on Halloween and make sure you have adequate coverage to protect against mischievous vandals this fall.
If you are a car owner, make sure your vehicle has the necessary protection to keep it safe from these fall hazards.  If you are looking to update your auto insurance in Hudson, New York this autumn, then contact the professionals at Lofgren Agency.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you the coverage you need today!

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