Helping You Find Reliable Renters Insurance 

Signing a rental agreement and moving into a place of your own is certainly a freeing experience. After all, you finally get to decorate your apartment to suit your own tastes. However, it’s good to remember that your apartment is made up of more than just the building that houses it. Your apartment is also the furniture, appliances, treasured possessions, and high-tech valuables. If you rent your space, renters insurance is a must. Before you sign up for the first policy you see online, check out our tips to secure the right coverage for your needs.

  • Make sure you have enough insurance to cover your possessions.

Even if you don’t consider yourself wealthy, there’s a good chance that the overall value of everything you own in your apartment is fairly high. Between furniture, electronic devices, jewelry, clothing, and more, you probably have a few thousand dollars worth of personal property that will need to be covered. Create a home inventory of everything you own in your apartment, and try to determine the value of each item. This will then help you decide on how much coverage you’ll need.

  • Understand what is covered.

Standard renters insurance offers liability insurance (in case you are sued by someone injured in your apartment), coverage for the base value of the possessions in your apartment, and may even cover the cost of living expenses in the event that your apartment is so damaged from a covered peril that you are forced to temporarily located. Generally, renters insurance doesn’t cover floods or earthquakes – so be sure to know where your policy lacks and how to fill in those gaps.

  • Know the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost coverage

Actual cash value only covers the wort of the items at the time they were damaged, meaning that such a policy factors in depreciation of your items. However, replacement cost coverage will ensure you’re able to actually replace your items.

Renters insurance can provide you with the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your new living space. For assistance securing the right policy, contact Kneller Agency today. We help to find you coverage to suit your needs, apartment, and possessions, all at the right price.

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