How Tire Tread and Auto Insurance in Hudson Keeps You Safe on the Roads

Learn how to check your tire tread and review your auto insurance in Hudson to stay safe on the roads.

Most of us know that tires are what keep us on the road, from accelerating to braking, they are a huge part of what keeps our vehicle safe. If you’re the type of person never to check the tire pressures or tread, it’s time to learn how and why this is so important. Tires need a certain amount of tread to grip the road, even through inclement weather. If the rubber on the tire is wearing thin, or ‘balding’ to use industry terms, there is a chance that it will deflate or even burst. Along with correctly inflated tires with the right tread, auto insurance in Hudson can keep you safe on the roads.
Tread Depth
The legal limit for tire tread depth in the States is 3/32”, and most people have heard about ‘the penny test’ to check the tire for wearing tread. Simply slot a one cent coin into the groove of a tire with the top of Lincoln’s head going in first. If the coin goes deep enough for some of Lincoln’s hair to be hidden from view, the tire is legal. If all of the hair remains visible, the tread is too worn, and the tire is illegal. In short, it’s time for new tires! Be sure to measure several different areas of the tire using this trick, so that you can see if your tires are wearing evenly.
Wet and icy roads are common across New York. If you end up driving on soft or wet snow, 3/32” of tread won’t be adequate for safety. Remember that the purpose of tires is to provide channels through which water on the road can escape from under the tire, and therefore can grip better. Changing your tires sooner than you normally would, may feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth out of tires, but that cost is worth the safety and livelihood of yourself, passengers, and loved ones.
Auto Insurance
Protecting your vehicle has never been easier with the right auto insurance. Get started on the right policy by contacting the professionals in Hudson, New York! Visit us today to learn how our policies can help you on the roads.

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