Tips for Winterizing Your Pool & Lawn System

Tips for Winterizing your Pool & Lawn System

Winterize your pool and lawn system easily and effectively with these tips.

Winter is heading our way. You’ve probably already started to think about doing what you need to around the house to get it ready for the colder months, but have you considered your outdoor areas? Avoid expensive repairs caused by the winter chill by spending some time preparing your yard. With these tips for winterizing your pool & lawn system, being ready for the winter becomes much easier!

  • If your sprinkler system doesn’t self-drain, blow it out now. If it does self-drain, follow the manufacturer’s directions to winterize it and avoid a line bursting due to freezing.
  • Visit your local pool supply store to pick up a winterization chemical kit for your pool. There will be directions with the kit; make sure you follow them. For example, failing to turn on your pool filter as you add the chemicals if you’re instructed to do so could stain your pool or damage your equipment!
  • If your sprinkler system needs maintenance, talk to your landscaper about doing it in the coming months. Some companies will offer you discounts for late fall/winter projects because they’re slower during these months.
  • To make sure freezing temperatures don’t create an expansion force in your pool that it can’t withstand, drain it below the skimmer mouth. Don’t empty your pool entirely, though, or the expansion of frozen soil could push your pool up out of the ground without the weight of water to counteract it!

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