auto insurance hudson nyGet The Most Vehicle For Your Money With These Kelley Blue Book Ratings
At this point in your life, you know that affordable cars are made up of so much more than just their initial price tag at the dealership. By the time you factor in fuel economy and the cost of maintenance, a vehicle that seemed like a steal could end up costing you an arm and a leg.
Fortunately, Kelley Blue Book also understands this reality and has worked to compile a list of the most affordable cars for 2015. Their rankings factor in fuel economy and the expected price of gas, repair and maintenance costs, state fees, and depreciation in addition to the initial cost of buying a car. Here are the best budget cars for your unique needs:

  • Best Luxury: If you want to get into something sleek and chic, the Lexus LS has a projected five-year cost-to-own of $84,447. When compared with many luxury cars that required expensive imported costs, the Lexus LS is a great deal.
  • Best Budget: Looking for a car that will be easy on your wallet all around? Kelley Blue Book recommends subcompact cars. The best of them is the Chevrolet Spark, with a low cost-to-own of just $26,905 over five years.
  • Best For The Earth: Want to stay on top of trends and serve the earth? Opt for the Toyota Prius C, the most affordable hybrid/alternative energy car with $34,780 as its total five-year cost-to-own.

After you find your ideal budget car, it is important to protect it with great auto insurance so it does not end up costing you unforeseen expense. Serving Hudson, Chatham, and all of New York, contact Lofgren Agency for all of your insurance needs. We are here to help you get the coverage your car and your wallet deserve.

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