5 Things That Cost More Than Your Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance New York Just How Affordable Is New York Term Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of those things that you know you should have, but may have assumed your budget will not allow for it yet. Studies show that 65 percent of households who have not bought life insurance skip it because they think it is too expensive. The truth is, though, that a term life insurance policy is extremely affordable.

Here is a list of five things that are more expensive than your New York term life insurance policy could be, based off an average premium of $13 a month for a healthy 30-year-old.

  • One Meal: Eating in instead of heading out for dinner just one night a week can keep enough money in your pocket to more than cover your premiums.
  • Coffee: You know those fancy lattes you grab on the way to the office? Skip one of them a week, and you have already paid for your term life insurance policy.
  • Gym Membership: No, we are not suggesting you skip exercise (being healthy helps keep your life insurance affordable). Consider working out outside or following DVDs and online classes at home during the warmer half of the year to cover the cost of your term life insurance.
  • The Movies: For the price of a 3D movie ticket these days (not to mention the cost of popcorn), you can easily pay your term life insurance premium.
  • Clothes: Did you really need that extra shirt? Skip the impulse buys when shopping; buy life insurance instead. Trust us, it will look better on you.

Want to talk to a professional about just how affordable your term life insurance can be? Serving Chatham, Hudson, and the rest of New York, the experts at the Lofgren Agency are here to help you get the right life insurance coverage at the right price. Contact us to learn more about how this affordable policy can help protect your loved ones.

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