Summer Ready Home Getting Your Home Ready For Summer

After the harsh winter we had, the summer comes as a welcome break. So you can fully enjoy it, it is important you get your home into shape for the warmer months ahead. After all, the last thing you need after a hard winter is a hard summer, too!

To help you make the most of the summer season, here is a quick guide to getting your home summer ready.

  • Throw Open The Windows: We are in that sweet spot between the frigid temperatures of winter and the sweltering ones of summer. Take advantage of it by opening up your windows and airing out your house. While you are thinking about the air in your home, check that your carbon monoxide detector is still functioning properly.
  • De-Gunk Your Gutters: After the winter and spring, odds are high there is a fair amount of debris built up in your home’s gutters. Detach your gutters at the elbow (where the gutter meets the downspout) to ensure those crucial pathways are clear. Also, make sure all downspouts pour out on downslopes away from your home’s foundation.
  • Allow Air Flow: You will be relying on your house’s airflow over the warmer summer months. To ensure it is not restricted, check your air filter. Generally, you should change your filter every three months. If your family gets allergies in the summertime, changing your filter twice as often can help give you some relief.

You put a lot of work into your summer home maintenance. Does your homeowners insurance policy reflect that? To ensure you have the right coverage for your home, contact the Lofgren Agency. Serving Chatham, Hudson, and the surrounding New York area, we are here to help you get the Hudson, NY homeowners insurance policy you need to enjoy your summer stress-free.

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