Smart Snacking Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Smart Ways to Snack Healthily While on the Road

If you’re gearing up for a summer road trip, then you may have already planned the route and readied the road trip playlist. Unfortunately, road trips go hand-in-hand with unhealthy road foods and upset stomachs. This summer, commit to these healthy snacking tips that can help you feel great while on the road.

Plan ahead

Before you hit the road, plan your snacks and stops. It’s wise to take snacks with you so that you aren’t tempted by gas station impulse purchases.

Choose water

Bring a few reusable water bottles and fill them up at every rest stop. Avoid soda and creamy coffee drinks, which pack unnecessary sugar and fat, and can lead to dehydration.

Choose your meals wisely

There are only so many carrot sticks a person can eat before craving a meal. From fast food drive-ins to gas station markets, road food is notoriously unhealthy. For a lighter meal, look for whole foods, lots of greens, and unprocessed items.

Load up on protein snacks

Road trip snacking is often carb city – so make sure to fill up on high-quality protein snacks to curb cravings. Almonds, nut butter, roasted chickpeas, hummus and dippers, and dates are great ways to fill you up.

Something sweet

Most of us want to snack on something sweet a few hours into the drive. Instead of grabbing a candy bar from the gas station, pack healthier treats. Mini graham crackers, dark chocolate, dried fruit, and whole grain cookies are excellent choices.

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