Protect Your Holiday Presents With Insurance!

Tips For Ensuring Your Holiday Gifts Are Protected
With the holidays right around the corner, you may be expecting to receive some pretty great gifts! Since the holidays are one of the most common seasons for theft, it is important to make sure your valuables are properly insured. Electronics and jewelry are two of the most common gifts! Both can rack up a hefty total at the check out counter, which means you must make sure to add them to your insurance policy.
Your average homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the items in your home. However, there is a specified cap on your coverage that you will need to make sure you do not surpass. Typically the electronics limit is $5,000, and the jewelry limit is $10,000. If any of your holiday gifts put your total home inventory over this limit, you should look into purchasing additional coverage. If you are interested in purchasing additional coverage, the cost will depend upon how expensive the replacement cost of the item is, and how great the risk of loss.
Be sure to update your home inventory after every significant purchase or gift has been received! You should also include information regarding the make, model, serial number, and receipt if you have it. For jewelry presents, you can gain an accurate estimation of worth by visiting an appraiser. Meet with your insurance agent right away to alert them of any changes made to your home inventory.
If you have any additional inquiries regarding homeowner’s insurance, please do not hesitate to contact the insurance experts at the Lofgren Agency, located in New York! We want to ensure that your whole world is insured! Allow us to share our knowledge with you, and protect you against any unforeseen circumstances! Give us a call, today!

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