How to Save on Electricity Costs as Temperatures Drop

Easy ways to save on electricity costs during the winter.

Winter is a fun time of year, full of festivities, fun, and spending quality time with friends and family. If you’re the average homeowner in Hudson, you may be dreading this season. Winter can be the time when your funds drain, not only from buying gifts for your loved ones, but because your cozy, warm home comes at a pretty price. Electricity costs can eat up a substantial portion of your monthly budget if you’re not careful. To save on electricity costs this winter, check out these tips.
Insulate Your Attic
One of the biggest places that you lose the battle of hot air escaping from your home is from the attic. You can counteract this by adding fiberglass insulation to the attic, preventing that precious hot air from escaping right through the roof.  This will help to keep your home warmer, without spending more money to heat it.
Add a Programmable Thermostat
Have you wondered why you fully heat your house while you’re at work or away for the holidays? An automatic, programmable thermostat installed in your home helps to control your heating. You can set it to increase the temperature right before you get home from work and decrease it right after you left in the morning. You can do the opposite in summer, too, which will help to save your electricity bill then!
Find and Seal Leaks
Having cracks in the window and door frames allows cold air to enter and hot air to escape. Find these leaks and seal them with caulk to ensure that your warm air stays in the home. Remember to check around your chimneys, recessed lights, and unfinished spaces behind cupboards and closets, too!
Decorate Wisely
Those string lights may look lovely on your festive home, but consider the cost of running them all season. To lower the output, use LED holiday lights to reduce the cost of decorating without losing the cheer!
Now that your home can stay warm and cozy without breaking the bank this season, take the time to review your home insurance policy. For the correct coverage for your property in Hudson, New York, contact the industry experts at Lofgren Agency.

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