Renters Insurance for Recent College Grads

Renters Insurance for Recent College GradsDebunked Renters Insurance Myths
If you are renting a space for your recent college graduate, it is important that you protect the rented space to the fullest. There are so many myths surrounding renters insurance that many individuals do not understand the importance of this coverage. We want to help you become an informed renter so that you can receive the protection you deserve, which is why we have debunked the most common myths for you.
Common Renters Insurance Misconceptions:

  • Myth: My landlord has insurance so I don’t need any extra coverage. Fact: The landlord’s insurance policy will only cover the actual building, not any of your contents or any liabilities. Therefore, you will need your own policy to cover these risks.
  • Myth: I don’t have any valuables so a policy isn’t worth the price. Fact: Even if you only have the basic necessities in your rented space, electronics, kitchen goods, furniture, and clothing, these personal belongings amount to more than you can likely cover out of pocket. Additionally, you need liability protection to ensure your protection against bodily injury and property damage lawsuits.
  • Myth: Renters insurance is too expensive for me. Fact: Renters insurance typically costs $10 – $20 a month, which is well worth the protection these policies offer. Imagine how much a damaging lawsuit would cost or how much it would be to replace all of the items inside your home – Your renters insurance policy that will only cost you less than $200 a month seems much more favorable now, doesn’t it?

Serving Chatham, Hudson, and surrounding New York cities, contact Lofgren Agency for all of your renters insurance needs. When it comes to obtaining renters insurance for recent college grads, it is important that you know the facts and rid your mind of the common myths.

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