Here’s how to reduce your energy bill by using less and saving more!

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money and reduce your energy bill. From upcycling bottles to installing burglar alarms, owning a home is no small fete. Of course, the bills on top of owning a home come crashing in every month. You may have noticed that your energy bill seems to be ever increasing with the constant additions of devices in your household and the hike in gas prices.
Fortunately, there are ways to save on your electricity bill each month and benefit the planet by doing so! That’s what we call a win-win situation.
Insulate the walls & windows.
Fill your walls with insulation, stuff the attic with fiberglass insulation, and double-pane the windows. This significantly reduces the loss of heat and cool air that your thermostat works so hard at obtaining. In the winter and summer alike, you’ll get to enjoy turning the heating up less and the air con on lower, respectively.
Put your clothes on a cold cycle.
Filling your washing machine up with hot water comes at a hefty price, more so than you may think. Skip warming up the water and put your clothes on a cold spin to use less energy!
Pull on a jumper.
Feeling chilly? Grab a cardigan. Too warm? Take off a layer. Try reaching a comfortable temperature without heading for the thermostat.
Take a shorter shower.
Instead of a bath, take a shower. Instead of taking a 20-minute shower, take a 5-minute one. You’ll find that you’ll have more time on your hands and your energy bills will significantly decrease.
Unplug your electrics.
Make a habit of unplugging all the devices that you aren’t using. These ‘energy vampires’ are notorious for sucking up energy, even if they’re off but still plugged in. This is throwing money away – so unplug them!
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