How a Police Report Affects Your Auto Insurance Claim

Filing a Police Report Can Help Your Car Insurance Claim

Being in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. However, it’s important that motorists know what to do so that they can protect themselves (and their wallets) from further damage. Part of being involved in an accident is calling the police and filing a report.
Once you’ve exchanged information with the other driver(s) involved in the accident, taken photos of the vehicle damage and accident scene, it’s time to make some calls. If medical assistance is required, dialing 911 should be your first priority after an accident. Even if the accident was a minor fender bender or a light bump, you should call the police regardless. Once the police arrive at the scene, they will establish the facts and write up a report of the accident.
A police report can establish several facts. Firstly, it can provide pieces of information the insurance adjuster may need to process your claim. For example, if the at-fault driver made a statement regarding their liability on the scene, and it was included in the police report, the insurance company would then have proof the other driver accepted some or the entire fault. A police report can also detail what traffic violations were involved in the accident, if any.
Be sure to obtain a copy of this police report for your records. It is likely that once you call your insurer to let them know you were involved in an accident, they will ask for the police report. This essential document can help them to conclude the claims process, meaning that you get help that much sooner.
If you don’t have time to call the police to the scene of the accident or they don’t arrive, head to the nearest police station and file a report there. It is important to get the information down on an official report while the facts are still clear in your mind.
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