Follow these night-time driving tips to stay safe this winter.

 Wintertime brings various driving challenges, from wet, rainy conditions to wind, ice, and snow. What drivers often forget is that the length of darkness increases tremendously during the winter. From dark mornings to dark afternoons, it’s important to know how to drive safely in the pitch black. To help you do just that, check out these night-time driving tips!
Keep your windshield clean. Any dust and dirt on the windshield will limit your vision, make the darkness seem even darker, and make oncoming headlights seem even brighter. Keep all windows clean and streak-free.

  • Check your headlights. Before you need them, check that your headlights are working correctly and that they are aligned property (pointing down slightly, away from other road users and towards the road).
  • Use your lights correctly. At dusk, you may only need your sidelights, but just before night falls, you’ll want to turn on your headlights. Use your high-beam lights when you are not driving near other vehicles (behind or in front), otherwise, stick to dipped headlights.
  • Reduce your speed. Even if you know the roads well, they can look different at night. Visibility is much worse at night and hazards are more difficult to spot. Slow down a little to give yourself a few more seconds to react. The general rule for driving on unlit roads is to only ever drive at a speed where you can stop within the distance your headlights illuminate.
  • Follow the road. If you aren’t familiar with a road or have oncoming headlights that are blinding you, it can be incredibly difficult to see where you’re going. In this case, slow down and follow the edge of the road that will help you to know where curves and corners are.
  • Get lots of rest. If you’re feeling tired or even just a bit weary, and it’s a long journey, stop for a bit when it’s safe and convenient to do so. Driving at night involves more concentration that normal, so drivers get tired quicker. Take a break, stretch your legs, and then hit the road feeling refreshed.

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