From chairs to business insurance – here’s what your new business needs.

You’ve made the leap! You’ve opened up the shop and it’s time to celebrate the launch of your new business. It’s also the time to think about filling your new office space with all the essentials to get your team set up for success.
Running a business smoothly doesn’t come easy without these six essentials.
Desk supplies – You’ll need pens, pencils, tape, highlighters, paperclips, scissors, and trash cans. Pick up anything else that your workforce may need to go about their daily business.
Paper – For writing or printing, you’re going to need it. Stock up on copy paper, notebooks, and sticky notes.
Furniture and storage – Tables, chairs, desks, a filing cabinet (or two), and any other essential furniture are essential to fill the space, station workers and look like a running business.
Organization supplies – Any business owner will know (or will soon know) that staying organized is key. Whether you prefer a whiteboard to note down employee tasks or a shared online calendar of all scheduled meetings, keep track of it all! Top off your organization with staplers, binder clips, and folders to safeguard important papers.
Computers, laptops, devices – Your business wants to look like it’s in the 21st century, right? Computers are a must, while laptops and tablets are only necessary once they become essential to your business. Desktops are important to conduct business and they allow employees to download any important software that is needed.
Business insurance – This coverage protects your innovative business so that no small lawsuits, employee injuries, or natural disasters bring down your company for good.
Now that you know what your new business needs, it’s time to get it protected! Secure your business coverage by contacting Lofgren Agency, serving Hudson and neighboring cities of New York with reliable insurance policies!

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