Keep Calm & Practice During National Yoga Month

Keep Calm & Practice During National Yoga MonthLearn how to get involved during National Yoga Month.  

September is the nation’s month to get involved in yoga! Coined as National Yoga Month, plenty of studios near to you offer free classes and discounted programs for you to learn and enjoy! Now is the time to get involved with yoga classes, tutorials, and apps to improve your mental and physical health in September.
With the cooler temperatures and bright days, September offers the perfect time to take up the practice of yoga. If you haven’t tried this method of exercise and relaxation, below are the health benefits of practicing yoga.
Flexibility – With proper instruction, yoga can be an excellent way to stretch your muscles and increase the range of motion in your joints. In particular, yoga practiced in a hot room (called Bikram yoga) has been found to be effective in increasing shoulder, back, and hamstring flexibility.
Posture – Yoga works to strengthen your abdominal muscles to maintain good posture. In turn, you significantly improve your core, making it easier to straighten your back and rid yourself of that unsightly slouch. 
Breathing – Do you find yourself out of breath far too often? Due to deep, mindful breathing that is necessary for yoga, you can strengthen your lung capacity as well as your endurance. If you want to better your running performance or your breathing in general, yoga can be significantly helpful!
Relieve Stress – Yoga can help you find a sense of calm that is all too uncommon in our hectic day to day life. Many styles of yoga use certain meditation techniques that can help to mute your anxiety and stress.
Heart Health – For those with high blood pressure, practicing yoga is one of the best methods proven to lower this issue, as well as reduce heart disease risks. Instead of scouring the internet for magical pills to take to lower your blood pressure, do a sun salutation instead!
From the professionals at Lofgren Agency, we hope that you enjoy finding your calm in National Yoga Month! Give our insurance agents a call for your all-encompassing insurance protection in Hudson and surrounding cities in New York!

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