My Car Registration Expired – Is My Car Insurance Still Valid?

What You Need to Know About Car Registration and Insurance

Many motorists have the question of if my car registration expires, does my car insurance expire, too? Does my auto insurance remain active even after your registration expires? Read on to find out more information about this topic.

Generally, your expired vehicle registration will have no effect on your auto insurance. As long as your insurance premiums are paid,  your car will remain insured. Even if your auto insurance expires, your vehicle will remain protected under the insurance policy.

Keep in mind that your insurance company is responsible for insuring your vehicle. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for registering your vehicle. The two entities are separate, so be sure to contact the appropriate organization.

If your registration does expire and you continue to drive your vehicle, you could be hit with a minor ticket if caught by the police. In most states, you will receive a non-moving violation. The ticket will not affect future car insurance rates. However, driving with expired insurance is considered much more serious and you could face serious penalties, including vehicle impoundment and fines. If you get into an accident when your insurance has expired, then you may need to pay out pocket for any damages.

In short, it’s wise to keep on top of your car registration and auto insurance to avoid fines, venalities, and financial hardship.

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