It's Life Insurance Awareness Month!

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, which means it is time to educate others about why life insurance is so important. As daunting of a subject it may be, talking about life insurance with your loved ones is a vital step in the financial planning process. Your family depends on your life insurance policy to maintain their current lifestyle. Additionally, your life insurance policy will so ensure that your final wishes are granted.
With so many different types of life insurance policies, the subject becomes not only daunting, but confusing as well. Term life insurance and whole life insurance are the two main types of life insurance policies. Term life insurance policies are more affordable, as they do not collect cash value throughout their existence. Your term life insurance policy will provide you with coverage for a specific amount of time, not the rest of your lifetime. In contrast, a whole life insurance policy will provide you with coverage for the remainder of your lifetime. Unlike term life insurance policies, whole life insurance policies accumulate cash value throughout their existence.
In support of Life Insurance Awareness Month, we encourage you to educate at least five other Americans about why they need life insurance. If you do not have life insurance yourself, we encourage you to make an appointment with an experienced life insurance agent, such as the ones at our agency, to ensure that your assets are properly protected. Life insurance can be the answer to your most trying worries regarding your final wishes. Your life insurance policy will protect those you love most and allow them to grieve peacefully.
We recognize September as Life Insurance Awareness Month! Contact our agency in Millbrook for all of your New York life insurance needs. Allow us to secure every aspect of your life with a unique life insurance policy that meets your exclusive needs.

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