March: The Month For Celebrating The Red Cross

March Is Red Cross MonthThis Month Commemorates An Important Organization
Since 1943, each President of the United States has declared March Red Cross Month. This month brings a time to remember how the Red Cross serves our country as well as our world, in addition to a time to turn out attention to how we can serve our communities.
The American Red Cross has been closely tied to the White House since Woodrow Wilson took the office of honorary chairmen of the Red Cross in 1913. While this is an important way to connect the government with this great organization, there is no financial linkage between Congress and the Red Cross.
Instead of celebrating themselves, the American Red Cross would like to turn the attention to everyday heroes that serve their communities and the world. They remember the importance of people who give blood regularly, visit an injured service member or disaster victim, and take a class to learn lifesaving classes and move to utilize them in an emergency.
If you would like to make a difference this March, consider donating funds or—if that is not a financial possibility—blood. Your body will naturally replace the blood that you give in 24 hours or less, and a whole blood donation is a quick and easy way to save up to three lives. We hope that Red Cross Month will motivate you to find a way to serve your town, county, state, country, or the world.
How will you celebrate Red Cross Month? We hope you find a meaningful way to give back this March! Serving Hudson, Chatham, and all of New York, contact Lofgren Agency for all of your insurance needs. Our team of dedicated agents is here to ensure that you have the protection you need so you can be freed up to serve.

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