Don’t Live Under Protected – Update Your Insurance Policies!

from young to oldLife Stages of Insurance
Insurance policies are the safeguard for the most important aspects of your life. In order to protect you to the fullest, coverage options and policies must be analyzed and updated accordingly. Is everything in your life the same as it was six years ago when you first purchased your auto insurance policy? Have you conducted any home remodeling that is not reflected in your homeowners insurance policy since you moved in ten years ago? Just like we experience life changes, there are life stages of insurance that must be accounted for.
The last thing you want is to find out you are lacking necessary coverage after an incident occurs. In combating this unfortunately common problem, it is imperative that you conduct a regular review of all of your insurance policies. Despite popular neglect, this is extremely important and can save you in the long run. Whether you choose to update your policy as each life event occurs or update your policy annually, it is vital that you make the time to do so.
Each phase of your life will present unique insurance requirements. Once you finish your education, you are no longer a student, meaning it is time to update the policy accordingly. Likewise, if you get married and start having children, your insurance needs will change so your policies will need to reflect those major changes. Divorce, employment change, retirement, and any other major life event needs to be accounted for in your insurance policies. Do not make the mistake of living life under protected!
Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your New York insurance needs. When you choose to work with our agency, you have the luxury of developing a long-term relationship with your particular agent. This agent will guide you through each step of updating your insurance policies based on the unique stage of life you are in.

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